Thursday, March 15, 2007


RIP Gareth Hunt!

RIP 70's X-Men (and Legion of Super-Heroes) artist Dave Cockrum. (Sorry, a bit behind the times with this one! Only just found out...) Now, the artists that came after Cockrum all got bigger (and, in a lot of cases, unmerited) props... now call me old-fucking-fashioned, but I always had a helluva lot of time for Cockrum's work. It was solid and reliable, built on (again) old-fashioned concepts like reasonably plausible and fairly realistic anatomical construction, but he had a bloody good eye for layout and dynamic poses. I though he drew cool-looking women too, without resorting to the softcore cheesecake tropes that've infected comics in the 'Dark Age' post-Image Comics universe.

He's probably best known for this:

But it was actually pencilled by Gil Kane and inked by Cockrum. Anyway, he's an artist whose stuff I always liked, and I'll miss seeing his work. I was heartened to hear that Marvel retroactively settled with him for his design work on X-Men, which paid for his long-term hospitalisation a couple years back. It's the least they could've done, tho, considering he was a prime-mover in helping make the X-men the zillion-dollar industry it is now. Shame they never saw fit to give Kirby, when he was still alive, the co-creator credit and the cash that have made Stan the Man a multi-millionaire.

RIP Brad Delp.

Who he? The vocalist with 70s Soft Metal superstars Boston. Aw, c'mon, ya nay-sayers..."More Than a Feeling" is great and you know it!


At 9:35 pm, Blogger Betty said...

More Than A Feeling is a gargantuan song!

At 12:06 pm, Blogger St. Anthony said...

Gareth Hunt ... one of those unfortunate souls, like Anthony Blunt, whose very name calls out to be adopted as rhyming slang. Kept seeing him in that short-lived soap set in Greenwich, which I watched a few times in the hope of seeing Glynis Barber in some hot teacher-on-pupil action (big disappointment).

At 4:23 pm, Blogger kek-w said...

"in the hope of seeing Glynis Barber in some hot teacher-on-pupil action..." LOL!


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