Wednesday, March 28, 2007


By a strange coincidence, Betty, I've got that EP too (was there a similarly titled LP?):

My Dad bought it back in the Sixties and it was a staple for many years in our household, along w/ Spike Jones, "Spanish Flea", "A Walk in the Black Forest", etc. I loved it when I was a kid: novelty songs, innit. But the title (I keep thinking it's called "The Greener Shades of Val Doonigan" !), the spooky greens on the typography and Val's crooked front tooth used to freak me out. Well, actually, they still do.


At 10:18 pm, Blogger Dominic Zero said...

First record I ever owned was Doonican's 'If The Whole World Stopped Loving'.
Wow, a Godlike Genius compilation should be done immediately.

At 2:39 pm, Blogger El Duderino said...

I'm surprised you didn't mention that you sent off for a signed Val Doonican photo when you were younger. You still got it? Could be worth a bit. And was it Rolf Harris, as well?

At 6:58 pm, Blogger kek-w said...

Did I? Don't remember that...tho' sounds like the sort of thing I'd do (or else get my late Mum to do)...I wish I did have a signed photo of Val: I'd put it up on the blog in a flash!

At 2:48 pm, Blogger El Duderino said...

Misunderstanding. I meant Dom sent off for those photos.

At 2:54 pm, Blogger kek-w said...


For a moment you had me wondering if I had a stash of 60s variety artist photos in my sock-drawer...


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