Saturday, April 28, 2007


(Checking the date on this, I see I originally wrote this post back in early March, but I'd also been asked to review this CD for FACT, so it would have been unprofessional of me to post this before the micro-review appeared in FACT, so I sat on this piece for a few fact, the album should now be readily available, y'all)

And this...this is really rather good:

Not sure when it drops; not for another month or so, I think...but def. worth checking out. Props to Cyrus and to Pinch for putting it out. Feels like it could be an 'important' album: ignore the background micro-textures and smudges and swirls, this is hollowed-out and wonderfully numb, invoking a strange atmosphere of auto-erasure and removal, both physical and emotional...shame about a couple tracks that have token rasta/ethno samples, otherwise this would be a total killer....still, the best tracks have a sense that something has just evaporated and we are left with a blurred after-image lurking somewhere below unapologetically reductive beats that seem to suggest a conceptual U-Turn back to Benga & Skream's original old-school manifesto of a darkly anonymous urban music "that's just Bass and hats"...but Cyrus' production chops are more sophisticated than the school of '02, and this feels almost like an inversion or a reversal of Pre-Dubstep's dark, stripped-back UKG tropes; like he's deliberately made his music sound more simplistic than it is, by hoovering out the music's innards and using what Burial would call 'dead-eyed' beats; dull, clicky/clunky drums that are pretending to be sounds like parts of his tunes have suddenly sublimated from a solid state into vapour, leaving only a faint trail in their wake...a dark, oil-like, electric aura that marks the passing of...something...


At 2:12 pm, Blogger H.A. Rodriguez said...

can you post my cd on this blog?

Hakaima Sadamitsu - Écouter Avec des Écouteur

International Press release:
Hakaima Sadamitsu's new album, recorded in Brazil with some local acts such as Cassim, Lulina, Sebastião Estiva and Odicet. From Dance to Tribal Techno through Drone and Harsh Noise, this Japanese producer slams it all in one place. An Outstanding record. Like of Black Dice, Boards of Canada and Wolf Eyes meets 8-bt.

Download it Here:


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