Saturday, March 31, 2007


Ha...yeah, it's Arttu from Avarus/Lal Lal Lal/etc in full-on solo time-stretch post-Concrete mode, twisting time n space around his little perf. and studio jams collide in real-time...itz a kartoon kar-krash involving demented cheesed-out drum-machine n Casio fuckwittery and's The Faust Tapes meets Berio's grandson meets Ayler with Arttu runnnnnning hell-bent from the bakery, lunch half in hand/half in mouth, spitting chickpeas and chilli sauce, out onto the street, dragging random strangers into the studio n shoving a sax in their hands ("play! this! now!")'s Zappa's "Lumpy Gravy" performed by animals (bears, mainly) recently liberated from the zoo and transported by a speed-ravaged taxi-driver to a safe house in somewhere Turku. Except, no-one's safe.

Human vox slowed dn into sinister Pig-Time over a b/wildering collage of perc. and multiplectrum action...whistles, kazoos, synths accelerate into dopplershifted R A Lafferty "Slow Tuesday Night" hypertime... monkey migraine music: phasers on stun, videos on fast-forward; purple baboon-butts pointed skywards towards the stars as we accelerate into liminal post-jazz space...James Chance and Ted Milton raid the medicine-cabinet and infiltrate a live Spike Jones' City Sickers TV show circa 1954 and put benzedrine in their rum, steal the master-tapes and take a time-pill back to 1981, splashdown in NY at an early Mars rehearsal with Xenakis on the mixing-desk...'human' voices bow and bend and creak under the weight of their own down-pitched bio-mass...a guitar made from dwarf-star matter twists and implodes in on itself; someone throws their toys down the stairs...a Donna Summer b-side played at 78 at an early-90s rave while gorillas fuck the bass-player from The Lurkers: the music swarms and lurches and swivels and turns into a cassette-tape Chris Carter trying out a new rhythm-loop for TG in April, 1976...

Fucking fabulous.


At 3:42 pm, Blogger St. Anthony said...

'Lumpy Gravy' played by bears ... with Milton and Chance raiding the medicine cabinet?
Arf arf.


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