Sunday, February 11, 2007


Picked this up recently, and very good it is too:

A new-ish guide, basically, to early 70s Italian polizieschi films...these are exploitative hi-octane police action-thrillers that they bashed out in the wake of big US hits like "Dirty Harry", "The French Connection", etc.... not to be confused with giallo which tends to be the weirder/artier (tho not always) end of the crime/thriller/slasher genre(s). However, Polizieschi can have an element of giallo in them and vice versa. Confused? You will be...

Still trawling my way thru this, but it's great stuff...I knew a little bit about this stuff (mainly thru the soundtracks), but this has been a real education. I was familiar w/ directors like Umberto Lenzi thru their Horror/Italio Splatter fare ("Cannibal Ferox", "Demons 3", etc), so interesting to see how these guys moved from one wave of exploitation cinema to the next...

For a fiver, it's a fairly slim volume, but it's packed full of info on a explogenre that's only just recently starting to make its presence felt. If there's a larger volume available about these films, then I'm not currently aware of it. Maverick Cop and Mafioso flicks like "Almost Human" and "Blazing Magnums" sound totally bonkers...I'll def. be trying to track dn some of these films on cheapo DVD.

I guess my interest was initially caught when I picked up a vinyl of "Beretta 70" on Crippled Dick Hot Wax a few years back.

As well as the usual suspects like Goblin and Stelvio Cipriani it introduced me to a raft of sizzlin' 70s Disco-Prog-Funk soundtrack choons. Soon I started wondering about Franco Nero and 70s Cinecitta films co-starring John Saxon and Henry Silva where the cops wear leather jackets and jeans, and the bad guys sport rollerneck sweaters. Yeah, so anyway, my all-time fave track off that one has gotta be "Driving All Around" by Guido & Maurizio De's brilliantly low-key bonkers: I used to, er, drive my wife crazy by playing this oooh at least 15 times in a row and I even evolved a dumbass 'steering-wheel' dance move thing that I'd perform in the living-room of our previous house. It really is great; it sounds like a lost Can B-side from around their "Landed" era, but w/ orchestration...the flanged gtr solo outro is pure Michael Karoli. If I ever get asked to do a Bloggerriddims comp. thing, it will surely have a pole position on that.


At 10:23 am, Blogger Martin said...

Does the book feature "Mr No Legs"? That's worth checking out, terrible fight scenes and poor acting, but pretty surreal throughout.


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