Saturday, January 27, 2007


Fucking love the new Lil Chris single ("Figure it out"): It's kind'va twisted Glam-Pop-Punk thing; Ronno meets Joan Jett inna pre-teen Pop 'tinuum.

But "Gettin Enough" was bloody great too, I thought: it was like a lost Hazel O'Connor single. W/ a great, rising bass-line-pulse thingy and weird dubby FX low in the mix. I'm surprised that K-Punk or any of the other Midge Ure era Ultravox blog-apologists didn't champion this. Apart from the clothes/haircuts/everything else, the vid looked like a micro-episode of "Square Pegs."

And "Checkin it out" was kinda PIL-lite w/ claps poss. nicked from Andre 3000 n a vaguely Fall-like mangled angular gtr intro. Clunky, Lene Lovich breakdown.

So the post-punk/punk-funk revival has finally filtered dn to a pre-pube audience, huh?

(Thinks:) Hmmm. Might get the LP.


At 3:53 pm, Blogger Betty said...

I only ever hear the radio in the car these days, so I was a bit freaked out when Gettin Enough was played on Radio One. I thought it was genuinely a Hazel O'Connor single and I'd time travelled back to 1980. Is Breaking Glass going to be up for a critical reassessment then?

At 7:54 pm, Blogger kek-w said...

Ah, thank God; it wasn't just me...

Yeah, it's very H.O. I reckon.

The "Breaking Glass" reappraisal starts here.

I did mention Hazel before a year or two back, when our personal myth-spaces intersected in Ilfracombe a while back...wouldn't want people to think I was an H.O. band-wagon jumper. Check here
(but down near the bottom)...

I think Hazel has gone Celtic Clannad type bollocks on us, unfortunately; tho still does the old sings. I'm def. gonna score some 80s Hazel vinyl soon...


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