Monday, January 29, 2007


Picked this up in Bristol on Thursday morning:

I loooove that whole crap Beano/Scooby-Doo/Casper representation of malignant spirits as a flapping sheet. (This one's a bit mucky already 'cause he's been duking it out w/ a wind-up vampire and a Happyland police constable) The idea that something ephemeral and indefinable can be reduced to a banal physical form is another of those stupidly odd things that seem to have a personal resonance w/ me...on the surface, it makes me sound like a Reductionist who likes to boil something magical and otherworldly down into, er mixing me metaphors here, bedwear. (Had to resist the urge to say bedware then...) But, erm, actually, it probably has more to do with the inverse; that I love to assign magical properties to the ordinary. Other cultures assign spirits/entities/anima to everyday objects like cars, so why the fuck shouldn't we? Why shouldn't a tea-towel, for example, have a secret life of its own...

Anyway, on a related topic, it looks as if V/VM's The Death of Rave series of trax has inadvertantly caused The Death of Hauntology (or at least, given it a nasty cough). Attaboy, James!

Aroogah! Aroogah! Sound the Paradigm-Shift Alarm!

It's time leave these nostalgic spectral reminscinces of false-memory culture and re-inhabit the physical once more: let's start reanimating rotting corpses...make them move around in new the same way that a zombie is an ontologically different organism to a dead person (when it becomes mobile, a zombie becomes something totally different to both the inanimate corpse and the once-living turns into a new being-object/object-being, something I'm uncertain how to catagorise...), so these 'new' music-forms should differ to the dis/deceased flesh they now inhabit.

I overwarmed the zombie metaphor last year in my references to New New Beat...(the original belgian vintage was always a leaden, chill-fleshed music-form, at best, but V/VM's lumpen undead snuffporn beats made the linkage explicit)...but I still think it's got some mileage in it, innit. I just need someone to come up w/ an appropriately bad postmodernist pun that relates to ontological flesh-possession or the reanimation of an old media-corpse and we'll be up and running...(or staggering)...onna subliminal level, New New Beat (or Zombie New Beat) seemed to me to have a whole bunch of stuff to say about the post-millennial mediascape, the numbing-down of sex thru image-overfamiliarisation, fashion hyperglam burn-out, d-list celebs passing through the thresh-hold zone of cease-to-exist, etc. Ditto: Dark Garage...when're we gonna have some Zombie Noir...Damballah Wedo Bling...walking-dead RnB...once-beautiful creatures, now pale and drawn, lipless & noseless, dead-veined & mascara-streaked, victims of the black cocaine: twitch-powder burn-outs shuffling around under UV-light to restless petrococoa-beats and hysterical de-sex'd helium vocals, their tongues black as slugs...

Which reminds me: great that this is finally out, two years or so after I first heard in on a Youngsta mix CD:

That and "Horror Show" felt like a template for something that's still not quite fully manifested itself in the world of the physical.


At 11:33 pm, Blogger doppelganger said...

death of hauntology?

you cannot kiiillll what doeeesss not liiive ......

At 11:43 pm, Blogger kek-w said...

"The Death of Hauntology"

Yeah, s'got a nice self-negating ring about it, ain't it?


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