Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Awwww...that's sooo sweet.


Just a reminder: looks like you can score a copy of the Chimeraworld #4 anthology (featurin' yrs truly) direct from own promo copy arrived a few days ago, and very handsome it is too, chocful of avant-grue and experimental/deviant alt.horror... so go give the the inner Goth in yr life some fresh lippy and a blood red dye-job...

I think this should be available thru Amazon (and maybe some other distributors) fairly soon...couldn't spot it on Amazon yet, tho the previous Chimeraworld editions are still available thru them. I'll pass on any news as I get it myself.

Expect some further incursions into prose space as 2007 unfolds like a rare, blood-speckled black orchid. Gonna be a mixture of stuff flowing from the Pen of Doom, from straight-up SF and Fantasy to NeuroNoir and GynoGore thru to some wilder, uncharted post-Existential waters...