Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Just in: Antwerp, tonight (so hitch a ride or something):

The Skaters (scanners' psych, us)
pulsating in the eye and vision (vangelis' inner, be)
+ ??
dj J*A*H weedwizzard
dj lamzak

tuesday 19 december 2006
freaks and future
pieter van hobokenstraat 12
B-2000 antwerpen


(I caught the end of The Skaters' set at ATP a week or so ago and I thought they were fantastic; they sounded like a host of lost dead children: it was creepy, yet touching and sadly elegaic at the same time. Like they'd taken some weird noo drug that put them in contact w/ The Afterlife...)

Hi to Carlo. How you doin', man?