Friday, December 01, 2006


Thanks to Farmer Glitch for making my week by telling me that the mighty Zoe-G was using 119, Farrington Road, London, SE13 as a ring-tone on her Bluetooth phone...I've never *sob* been a ring-tone before...I...*blubber*...


Anyway, about time I posted something else from my archives. This is in a vaguely similar vein to Farrington, in as much as it occupies a similar quaint faux-Edwardian parlour tea-dance bizarroverse and builds to a fairly pointless, but overly enthusiastic village fete brass-band finale.

It's called British Gas!

...recorded 5 or so years ago, it had pretensions at trying to be the soundtrack to a late 60s/early 70s television advert for the company. And if anyone from BG is actually reading this, then may I suggest that you give me an obscene amount of money and use a reorchestrated version of this tune in one of your commercials. I reckon, w/in a week, the entire UK would be humming this jolly little ditty as they merrily ride to work on their penny-farthings...they'd soon forget and forgive your outrageous pricing policies and switch back to British Gas! Use this song in an advert, BG, and you're karmically guaranteed to gain at least quarter of a million customers w/ in a month. Sorted!

The rest of you, get back to yr wood-burning stoves...