Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Doppelbloke's unearthing of the Mexican Bat-Girl rang a dull bell deep in my memory, so I started reaching for the reference books in my Library of The Strange, until I finally found this, the Turkish Bat-Girl, from 1972:

(photo from Pete Tombs' excellent Mondo Macabro book, from a few years back)

Onna similar tip, you also need to check "3 Dev Adam", which stars the Turkish Captain America (not sure how that works), the Turkish Spider-Man and (ulp!) El Santo, the masked Mexican wrestler.


RIP Alan 'Fluff' Freeman:

His early-70s sat. afternoon "Rock Show" was a day-glo goldmine for everything that was 'eavy and progtastic. It certainly opened my mind, but it's taken years for me to admit it. Heard The Mahavishnu Orchestra for the first time on his show, and fuck yeah, I have been in Deep Purple denial for longer than I care to think about.

Truly, he was the greatest Disk Jockey of them all.