Saturday, November 18, 2006


Ah, fuck...this could go on all night...


Yet another squad of Scooby-Doo wannabes, this time from (eek!) 1973:

(yes, the jigsaw is mine, and you're not having it....bwahahahaha!)

The story of Goober and the gang can be found here. Some sorta cross-over thang goin' on w/ The Partridge Family...

Long-term Kid Shirt readers will be aware that I have a fascination with imperfect duplicates, retrograde copies, analogues...I love the idea of a huge number of objects that are similar, yet slightly different variations of each other; when I see that sort of imagery it just totally blows my mind...paint-charts in DIY shops are an obvious example of this...all those greens and purples; so similar, yet subtly hints at an almost endless vista of possibilities, and there's something in my own neurological hardwiring that finds that sooo aesthetically pleasing. I cried when fucking DC killed off the Silver-Age Earth-2 variants of their superheroes back in the 80s. Man, I was devastated. But great to see Earth-2 Superman back in action recently, tho Infinite Crises was total pants, I thought.

1973, again: that year is starting to become my own personal 23, a psychik touchstone...was listening to a recently-acquired vinyl of "The Plan" by The Osmonds this afternoon; checked the label and, lo! 1973!



"We were cold and soaking wet and lost out in a storm
We went inside a spooky house just hoping to get warm
The dusty clock said half past six, we knew that it was wrong
When we set the hands to twelve the clock began to gong...

(Clock gongs, ghost moans and says: "It's the Spirit of 1776, even, at your service!)

We found a friend, friend, friend in Funky Phantom
He'll pop right in just when you need him most
And Boo will too, and you can't do without 'em
That cat and that Funky Phantom ghost...

It's Funky Phantom time!"

Theme tune here.

Micky Dolenz was "Skip".