Monday, November 13, 2006


Lurch's comment just reminded me about this:

Yay: it's Comets on Fire, who are no stranger to these pages..

Album of the year? Nah, don't reckon so, mate...there's been some really fabulous stuff this year, so it's got some stiff competition...still, it is totally excellent n if you dug "Blue Cathedral" then yr sure to dig this too...hard, heavy, hazy psychedelic Blooooz; ya can almost see the valves glowing in their amps...beautifully warm, overdriven sound/gorgeous production/great tunes...and the sleeve of the vinyl is made from that wonderful heavy cardboard that rekkid sleeves used to be made from...I'm kinda ashamed that I haven't got round to reviewin' this album, but I was supposed to be doing something for one of the glossies about them...but, hey, go out n buy this, if you haven't already (of course you have! Even the flippin' Independent have reviewed it...)

Anyway, did you ever get this one..."Bong Voyage" is a live tour vinyl from a couple years ago...looks like Ethan autographed this for me, but I was sooo pissed I can't remember him doing it. I think he said the cover had been drawn by one of the guys from Sunn o)))...or did I imagine that? Doesn't sound right. Feel free to correct me, someone...

It's a slammingly joyous racket, full of howling geetars, crunching riffs and crashing drums: extremely intennnnse live acid rock mayhem that catches the band stripped free from the up-market production-values of the last couple el-pee\z and bouncing off the upper ionosphere. I love the way stuff cuts almost randomly between tracks or drops out suddenly, or 10 second snippets of audience noise are followed by silence followed by something else. Volume levels and sound quality jump all over the place from fluff-on-needle to fairly's like a really great boot, or the psssych equivalent of a live Fall album or Bowie's "Man Who Sold The World" LP played at several different speeds (all wrong). The genuinely unhinged amongst you may want to try playing this sandwhiched between a couple of Zodiacs' CDs. But it's the n/r/g levels that really impress. Recommended.

There's also a split with Burning Star Core doing the rounds. And if you don't own a copy of "Field Recordings from The Sun" then fucking shame on you.


I think this is the Jack Palance film that Martin mentioned below: