Sunday, November 12, 2006



Speaking of micro-scenes: I love these lo-fi, low-run esoterica mini-mags you can get in shops in Glastonbury...allsortsa stuff from Crop Circles to wanabee UFO abductionees...this is how we used to do it back in the days before MySpace...

Lurch n I used to be into the mid 70s comix fanzine scene: Fantasy Advertiser, A Short Stop At The Transylvanian Brain Surgery (I'm sure Ian Penman used to write for them), etc...that's how people into Comix/SF/weird music used to hook up back in the pre-Punk era, via shared interest fanzines and stuff (I had some of my first writing/drawings published in some of those things)...then the Post Sniffin' Glue fanzine boom kicked off and Punk took all the credit for inventing cut n paste fanzine culture...not so, bub.

Wasn't there Terrapin, the Syd Barrett tribute mag that ran for years...?

I'd link to some of this old-school Pre-Punk fanzine shit, but it's time to get the girls some lunch...

Ah fuck it, let 'em eat cake: here's a tribute to Brian Tawn's semi-legendary Hawkfan mag which he's been doing for donkey's years (since the mid-70s, I reckon) and it looks like it's still going...good on him!