Wednesday, November 01, 2006


The Amazing Cattle made me think of The Monkees:

(I love the fact that their nemesises are called The Psychos: presumably some lost Nuggets garage band)

Which then made me think of this:

Which, in turn, made me think of this:

Which made me think of, I dunno why, Rice Crispies:

Which reminded me that "Head" is still one of my favourite films; prob. my favourite music film:

(Peter Tork's boots!)

FZ, here, pretending to be Mike Nesmith:

And Mike Nesmith pretending to be FZ:

"Monkees sure are crazee people!"

..."And the same goes for Christmas!"


Ha! I am now officially a media mogul: it appears that I have just acquired Initial Licensing Rights for Doppelkid's frankly fantastic character 'Eval God of Fier' TM ("and associated likenesses thereof in the fiefdom of Yeovil")

For more of Doppelkid's titantic creations, check here. He's the 4th one down...

Expect some Eval God of Fier related shenanigans soon, but only within the Yeovil Town boundary.


"Perfume River" by The Amazing Cattle: Another collection of classic, unreleased material from the world's most sadly-neglected band...a coupla covers on this one, in amongst the original nuggets, incl. (a favourite of mine) "Do I Have To Do This All Over Again?" from "Head" by The Monkees (Peter Tork!) and a garage rock version of Kylie's "What Do I Have To Do?" Doc Savage fans will be pleased to spot John Sunlight playing keyboards.

It would be amiss of me not to mention "Hold My Hand Grenade", their first retrospective wh/ features some of my own personal faves: "I am The Tambourine", "Julie Christie" and "Long Ride Back"...still no sign of "The Canadian" yet, tho'. I may have to cover that myself, or maybe do a version of "I Need Somewhere To Melt Tonight".

Great to see the Void Jazz logo back in use again. Dom will prob. hate me for saying this, but I'm sure if you ask him nicely or send him an SAE or a blank cheque or something, I expect he'd sort you out for a copy of either of these. It would be great for some of this stuff to finally find a new lease of life thru the internet, years after they were recorded...anyway, if you're interested in checking this out, then contact him via his blog...