Friday, September 29, 2006


Aka Billy Bond and the "Heavy Boys of Rock". Billy Bond was, in fact Italian-born Juliano Canterini who became one of the mainstays of the Agentine Psych/Acid/Prog scene circa 69-73...

Anyway, thanks to Anla Courtis for turning me on to them during my recent excavations into the underbelly of the Argentinian underground. I'm no expert on this stuff, but I think the footage (below) might be from "Rock Hasta Que Se Ponga", a film that mainly features footage from the BARock ("Buenos Aires Rock") Fest. held late 1972. The concert also featured Arco Iris, Color Humano, Claudio Gabis, Gabriela, León Gieco, Litto Nebbia, Orion's Beethoven, Pappo, Pescado Rabioso, Sui Generis and Vox Dei. Wouldn't mind getting a copy of this...

(Up until a few weeks ago, Orion's Beethoven was pretty much the only 70s Argentine acid rock outfit I was aware I'm familiar with, oooh, at least 2 or 3 others... I now know, for example, that Pescado Rabioso are "Rabid Fish", a band formed by Luis Alberto Spinetta from the ruins of his legendary psych-rock band Almendra blahblahblah...)

There's also some footage of the band goofing off in drag and drinking tea-cups full of dry ice, that's faintly reminiscent of Zappa and the Mothers on the sleeve of "Only in it For the Money" or sequences from the "200 Motels" film.

I think the band are performing a track called "Tontos", which is the only 'Rock' track on their notorious "Tontos (operita)" double-LP, which is (mainly) a mash-up of sub-Concrete tape-edits, sound-FX and monged-out Bluesy interludes. Again, thanks again to Anla for alerting me to its existence; he told me that Tontos means "jerks" (or "fools"). I believe there's also a 3-track vinyl EP of "Tontos" floating around somewhere that's prob. worth several hundred quid.

At a suitable point I will return to Anla's own prolific, nay heroic, level of post-Reynols sonic output, but in the meantime, turn yr speakers up to 11 and enjoyyyyyy:

PS: violinist Jorge Pinchevsky later joined Cyrille Verdeaux's group Clearlight, which, in turn, lead to a gig playing w/ the "Shamal" era line-up of Gong until he was busted by the fuzz trying to bring a violin-case full of grass into the UK. I think he died 2 or 3 years ago in a bike accident.