Saturday, September 16, 2006


A brief raid today on North Somerset (Loki territory!) unveiled some unexpected gems:

Nick Cardy cover here, plus Steve Skeates/Jim Aparo interior (Yay!):

Dig the pysch-typography...

I was trying, not long ago, to explain the 'importance' of this Skeates/Aparo era A/man shit to recent Aquaman artist Andy Clarke...I still think there's some mileage in exploring that inner-space post-psychedelic waterverse thang w/ a new generation of aquacadets, but, what the heck...

...and there's some nice late-50s Ramona Fradon Aquaman reprints in this one (incl. "A World Without Water", "The Shark with a Human Brain" and "The First Aquagirl"):

And, semi-finally, some obvious stuff, but, fuck, I still remember reading this shit as a goggle-eye'd 13 yr-old (...and still totally dig that Frazetta cover... man, those reds...)

Errrk, and one day I'd looove to write a post-Morrison/meta-Cornelius sequel to this pre-multiverse novel, one that Moorcock prob. blasted out in a fortnight: