Wednesday, September 13, 2006


From Savonlinna, Finland, comes this amazing 7" single by Paavoharju via UK label Type Records wh/ sounds so wunnderfully wrong in all the right ways.

"Uskallan" starts w/ a creepy sounding baby-cry followed by fractured beats, grunting noises and swirling fairground keys, and a sinewave synthsound that's vaguely mindful of "Dreaming of Me" by Depeche Mode played distantly thru autumn woods late at night. There's some odd factory-noises and vocals that remind me strangely of Canto-Pop or maybe a Bollywood ballad. The chorus is huge (in a small way) and strangely moving w/ a dreamy 80s electro-pop-vibe.

How to describe this in plain English: I can't really. Retro-electronic Psych-pop, maybe...remember the ol' 80s 'Dreampop' tag used by the likes of AR Kane? Well, it's not like that either...

Flip it over like an old omlette and you get some hissing ambient sound that surfaces in a bubbling volcanic hot-water spa; languid, opiated sounds spin and shift and tumble over each other; piano melodies evaporate as fast as they appear, w/ fake endings places it sounds like a lost, experimental Steve Lipson/Anne Dudley mix for Das Psych-Oh Rangers, except someone forgot to put any vocals on it and it has sat for 20 yrs on the hard-drive of a dusty Fairlight, abandoned in a store-room at Sarm West. Every cliched post-Satie soft-piano/Howard duh! Budd/music-box concept of 'loveliness' and mid-fi oppulence is thrown in at once until the kitchen-sink is full of malted, melting musical syrup, but as much as I try to dislike it, all the smeary ambi-pop tropes still fail to negate how beautifully smacked out this is...


Fabulous cracked Finnish comix and retardo graphics from the marvellousss Boing Being kollectiv:

Finnish comix...yep! Didn't give a monkeys about whether I could actually, y'know, read it or anything, but (as it 'appens) they've got subtitles for the Hard of Finno-Ulgric.

Lovely stuff it is, too: If you like Neo-Art Brut or bizarro-outsider existento-expressionist chaos w/ a dash o'Folkkkkkk Art thrown into the food-blender, then you'll dig this fullsome stuff.

Think: Art Spegleman's Raw, or Blab!

There's a few names in here that even a UK West Country Surrender-Monkey like me can recognise, like Roope Eronen from Lal Lal Lal who was so kind and helpful last year when I wrote my artikaal on the history of Finnish Freak-Out for Dazed & Confus'd...and Sami Aho and Tommy Musturi...

Dunno about you, but I'm off to score a copy of Glomp #7!