Saturday, September 09, 2006


One of my favourite bands, Death Chants, are back w/ a new-ish 7" on Azriel...

(Actually, getting a bit worried about myself: I trainspotted the cover was by Nemo, before I even read the credits...)

"The Sound of Rain": Starts w/ minimal accoust. strummmning & handheld shaker, then slowly opens-up w/ some modular-synth and sliding ekkkkkoglide action. A homeless guy turns up and mutters under his breath. I love how the gtr occasionally loses it's way, hesitates and walks off down another street. Play it once it sounds okay; play it 3 timezz it sounds fantastic.

Hard to quantify why I really love music like this. It's an incredibly personal thing, and so tightly tied up with who and where I am, that it's tough to explain its spectral impact to people w/ bulletproof auras.

"North Carolina": strings n an organ rub up against each other. A piano and a harmonica arrive w/ a bottle of wine and it makes me think of Swell Maps or Fripp n Eno's "Evening Star" but not really. The music swells slowly like breath going in and out of a lung. A human harmonium. Everything comes to/gether and combines to make a chord I've never heard before. It reminds me of somewhere I've been, but I'm not sure where. It makes me think of all the places I'd like to see, but never will.

Music like this makes me a little less scared of dying.