Sunday, September 03, 2006


This, then, is for Doppelganger (who got my joke), Dom and any other saddo Fantasy Pulp fans out there:

The reason I've been thinking about the Gor books recently is because I just read an interesting article about the books and their writer John Norman in the first issue of Pulpmania:

Behind the dodgy-looking cover lies a series of well-written and extremely informative articles about the last gasp of UK pulp culture in the 70s/early 80s before distribution changes killed the 'spoitation market stone there's pieces on the NEL Biker and Hells Angel books (remember Chopper, Mama, Freewheelin' Frank, etc)...interviews with Peter Cave and Guy N. Smith (author of The Crabs series of books)...the guys doing this obviously have a real love for the subject matter and it shines thru. My only complaint was the binding, wh/ came loose v. quickly on my copy (but maybe it was, like, a deliberate tribute to the halcyon Pulp days...). Available from Bristol-based Hot Cherry.

The piece on the Gor books tracks the series descent into mysogyny and soft bondage fantasies until it finally came a cropper as PC culture became increasingly sniffy towards its chicks-in-chains imagery...I remember reading a bunch of them in my teens but finally getting hacked off w/ them as they got longer and longer and duller and duller as Norman went completely off the deep-end w/ his lengthy (and tedious) descriptions of naked white-skinned wimmin in slave-collars and his half-arsed anti-feminist rants...didn't realise he'd written 25 of the fuckers, and a new-ish 26th one has recently been published. Apparently, there's all sorts of Gor-related sites and message-boards and forums out on the Infobahn, and you can even buy a Gorean slave-collar out there on the net if that's what floats yer boat.

Personally, though, I'll take a moaning black sword any day...