Thursday, August 03, 2006


But, on a less sombre note: yay! The return of Dubversion...strangely, by coincidence, have been thinking about Altern8 quite a bit recently ever since Betty quoted some of their, er, lyrics on her blog...I really fancy checking them live...what's the chance, I wonder of someone grafting Old Skool style 'ArdKore onto a Neo-2-Step chassis? That could be interesting, or maybe not. Anyone doing that at the moment...?

Annnnd, all the way from Australia, comes Gentle Force, a blog covering both Dubstep and Psychedelia...a concept that surely gets my vote.

Oh, and I didn't know that Ronnie Wood was The Stones' bassist...(I thought he played geetar)...well The Independent says he is.


Sad to hear about the death of Tom Frame...

You may not of heard of Tom, but he was a legend in British comics circles...letterers are rarely given the props they deserve (Artie Simek (and his daughter Jean)...Sam Rosen...I P Gregory (aka Gaspar Saladino)...Jon Costanza...John Workman...)...but Tom lettered Judge Dredd for over 25 yrs; that's one heckuva run...his lettering style (as solid & minimal as John Wagner's scripts) was as much a part of Mega-City One's landscape as the clumpy tower-blocks and the traffic-clogged overpasses...

I never knew Tom personally, but I think he lettered a coupla things I did back in the day. A lot of stuff is lettered using computerised fonts now and it all bleeds into everything else 'til it all looks the same, and, shit, but ain't it true that we never miss these people 'til they're gone...