Friday, July 28, 2006


Many thanks to the mighty Liv for sending me this:

(The camera flash adds to that whole, I dunno, inner flame thang...)

There was a time in the 80s or maybe even more recently when I associated McLaughlin with souless, almost impenetrable, hypervirtuosity, yet I somehow recently made contact w/ another, younger, me, sat listening in wonder to (ulp!) Alan Freeman's early 70s sat. afternoon radio-show and hearing the Mahavishnu Ork. slicing through atoms in the air with razor-sharp gtr and storming the sky on a ladder of ARP-synthnoise...ah, fuck, what internal fractur-r-r-re happen'd betwn the hemispheres of me brain 'tween then & now..h-how did I bicameralise to that degree...blame it on Punk, maybe...perhaps it deradicalised me in some way, or may-be I just got fuckin' older. Who knows/cares?

Anyway, John's fresh from playing w/ Miles and he's on fire here: in places, it's sheer total machine-gun boogie...this shit fucking rocks, man. This is some fierce shit, but w/ a transcendental pseudo-gypsy undertow ("Who you jivin' w/ that Cozmik Debris?") Can't get over how young they all look on the's The School of Jazz-Rock Year One (not Year Zero). Class of '71.

Been meaning to buy this forever...could've gone into Acorn or bloody Woolworths, probably, and got a crappy CD copy for a fiver, but something was telling me to hang on for an original, much-loved vinyl...never expected one to come all the way from Norge.

Gonna take this copy to the grave w/ me, Liv. Thanks.


You've got to laugh...

Pitched a piece on Dubstep to The Independent a couple weeks back...I didn't get a reply, an editorial tactic which usually means they think it's such a great idea that they're going to give it to one of their favoured hacks and, sure enuff, there's a piece in today's Arts Suppliment that's not by me...fair enuff, it's the nature of the game, tho' it looks like they may have possibly cribbed bits from my own recent magazine articles and my pitch notes...

Shame they didn't get me to write it, though...not because it would've been a far more interesting, informative and better-written piece (ah, fuck it, let's not mess about: yeah, 'course it would...)...but because I would've actually got the name right of the "influential (Dubstep)label"...

It's Tempa, not Trama.

Actually, strangely, there is a label called Trama and they specialise in Brazilian Hip-Hop and progressive music.

I felt duty-bound to point this out to the editor. In the politest possible way, of course. Which means I won't be writing for them at any point in the next 3000yrs.

I hope they paid Georgina for using her photos.