Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Fabulous 7" ep on the James Toth curated Mad Monk label, which is, I guess, a sort of logical follow-on to the much-mourned Polyamory imprint, tho' it looks like (might be mistaken) a more vinyl-focused endeavour...take it from me: this is gonna be one helluva label; legendary, at the v. least...

Kurt Weisman is from Vermont-based band Feathers...but, here, you'll find him peddling his peculiar brand of helium-voiced post-folk balladry, augmented by some baffling edits and sundry electronic wizardry, yet it all sounds so unselfconscious and sweetly uncynical...the Mad Monk site describes it as "Comus as remixed by Otto Von Schirach"... it's melodic and totally fucking lovely (in a damaged, childlike way)...great lyrics: "Take that mask off/it's a bleeder"...there's elements here of Ariel Pink, Tiny Tim, early Leo Sayer, Aphex Twin circa "Boy/Girl", The Incredible String Band on nitrous oxide, Syd, the psychedelic Musique Concrete of The Patron Saints, Morton Subotnik, early Bolan, Pinky and Perky... but Kurt never lets the electrotrickery overwhelm his melodic sensibilities and there's some great mental Proggish moments on, uh, "Weekend Float" when a mini-orch of tinny, tiny e-gtrs twist and twirl in and out of each other like Mike Oldfield's multitrack'd solos on David Bedford's "Don Alphonso"...

But what I love about this is that it veers between strangeness and tenderness w/out ever sounding forced.

"Here's a poem fer yer daughter," he sings and I totally believe him.