Saturday, July 22, 2006


This one's for, I mean Doppelganger:

Congratulations, big guy! Nice one. Hope everyone's okay.

First it'll be the head-wetting, then the bed-wetting...


Three-Lobed Recordings have set up a ltd-edition subscription-only series of CDs featuring a mouthwatering array of artistes:

Bardo Pond

Hush arbors



Sun City Girls

Sunburned Hand of the Man

Matt Valentine & Erika Elder with the Bummer Road

Wooden Wand and the Omen Bones Band

Full details on their website, but, quite frankly, you'd be completely insane not score copies of these little beauties e-med-i-ately. Just think, in a few years, when you're sat out on yr porch, incontinent and drooling, being spoon-fed baby-food by a relative who's just after yr money, you'll gain mucho comfort from these releases...I can just imagine yr crack-toothed smile as you eat yr own boogers and demand that some cynical cash-vampire of a nephew or niece plays Bardo Pond for the 19th time in a row while they change yr Adult Nappy TM...

...or, maybe, just maybe, you might be sitting in the midst of yr beloved family, drinking yr favourite brew while a youngster looks at you with wide-eyed admiration and says: "Gee, grandpa, was all the music this cool back in yr day? I can't believe these people used to make their own covers and everything..."

Imagine how great you'd feel now, if, in 1971, you knew someone who knew someone who knew someone in Germany who was gonna press up a ltd box of 7" singles by a handful of obscure kraut bands that you'd never heard of called Can, Faust and Neu! and it would only cost a fiver for the set...and you'd bought them on whim and it'd changed yr life and mint copies're now worth a grand to collectors, but you'd never part w/ them anyway, and...and...(unfortunately, the downside of all this is that you'd be really old by now, but what the hey)...and those stories about NWW's Steven Stapleton buggering off abroad and roadie-ing for German bands in 1974 sound fantastic, don't they...the stuff of, how brilliant must that have been. But that kinda stuff is still happening now, here, today...stuff that'll be the basis of myths/legends/campfire stories in 10, 20, 30 years time...people'll be saying what a golden age the early 2000's were, back before it all got, y'know, too cynical and corporate...

Say it slowly to yrself: "It's. Happening. Right. Now. "

And you can be part of it any time you chose.