Wednesday, July 19, 2006


"Live at Audioscope04": a beautiful blue-vinyl 10" split on Fourier Transform from a few months ago. Hmm, that op-art cover looks like it might be a Vasarely:

Vibracathedral Orchestra are all wuh-wobbling lo-end psych-electrodrone and percussive huff: th'guitars get all hot under-the-collar (colour?) at one point and it threatens to turn into "$!$^&£ £@*" ...(no, fuck, it doesn't...what am I saying; I'm repeating myself here (time to retire!)...this lacks the pencil-sharp frequency-slivvvers of Cale-era VU)...okay, what about Loop w/out a drummer, but with, no, no: it ain't got their post-motorik hypno-pulse. This doesn't have that sort of precision, that sharpness of sound, the propulsive push n shove. It's hot and I'm being lazy...I'm sorry.

This is ruff, live, wish-ya-was-there stuff...gtr-noise warp-out, vocal moans and subterranean drums. It's not rock and it ain't drone; this lives somewhere between the woods and the sewers...a strange psilocybean interzone between stripped-down art-rock and freerock tribal thuggery. VCO hang(-glide) in some twisted sub-cerebral limbo, taking a perverse pleasure in never quite taking off...and when their strategy pays off (it doesn't quite here), you can hear ions splitting in the aether and the unresolved tension builds, dragging the audience down into the music's light-soaked event-horizon: more power to their fucking elbow.

VCO are pretty high on my must-check/see-list...a pilgrimage to a gig in a back-street pub in Leeds would make for a great adventure, but the responsibilities ( and pleasures!) of being a dad take priority. But next time they dare show their faces anywhere near the West Country...

The Telescopes opt for guitarshrike, flangemong, frantic thimble-glissandrrrro-o-o-oh, hi-wire wobble, ampbuzz n fx-rattle, Hoover noises, gentle egg-slicer pluckery, clicketty-skatch and...and...Holy Cow! D-didn't they used to be on Creation...contemporaries w/ Slowdive and My Bloody Fucking Valentine...I don't care: I like this...don't mention shoegazing: this is trippy and venomously dark in places, tho maybe needs to cut loooose and howl a bit more...I think they played The Croft, Bristol, last year...anyone go?