Friday, July 14, 2006


Man, I looove it when people quote me.


Of course, this is nothing else but a cynical exercise to get my hit rates up. (Yeah, riiiiight...)

More Flemish Zombieporn tm from V/VM, Belgian New Beat's very own Dungeon-Master. This time there are videos to go w/ the tracks.

Not for the fainthearted or prudish, but if you're into the idea of, er, solarised cum (sounds like a Coil album, don't it), then the "Rough Sex" EP is for you.

(Stands back aghast as hundreds of sex-starved bloggers discard copies of assorted Penguin Classics and stampede past him, their untucked shirt-tails flapping in the wind behind them..."hey, wait for me!")

I love the twisted diy ethik on display here: download it, filter it and post it. Fuck, Jamie Reid would be proud. I totally marvel at James' ability to sonically (and visually) squeeze all the juice out of sex and reduce it down to a meaningless meatpuppet activity....but I reckon the videos could have gone even, no, not that way!...what I mean is, they could have been filtered/solarised even more: the best bits are when you can't quite work out what's what and who's who (okay, I know, I'm weird...)...I'd also love to see the post-pornvideo equivalent of the SABAM cover, with grotesquely stretched figures and distorted faces that match the disturbing detuned synths and crunchy, jackboot beats...and, remember my comments about "Society"?...well, I reckon you could have fun doing a cheap Screaming Mad George Does Dallas type surrealist body-horror meets porn meets.... but, jesus, what am I thinking: then we'd be talking about upping the production-values and you'd lose that whole hit-and-run feel, the video-equivalent to punk-graphics...ah, but, fuck it, top marks to Vee for, er, taking the time to titilate us...

I am worried about myself, one point during one of the tracks, the video was running full-tilt but I caught myself thinking: "Hey, nice snare sound..."

Need. To. Get. Out. More.