Friday, July 07, 2006


Heh. Yeah, well, of course I'm gonna post this, man:

Big thanks to Dom Zero for air-freighting me a copy of Spinrad's "The Men in The Jungle" (great cover!) of the many great things about Dom is that no matter how trashed you get with him, he still remembers 4am conversations that involve books want-lists, and this is one of many, many times that he's come thru like a (star-ship) trooper and sent me something that even I'd forgotten that I wanted. Cheers, big guy.

Actually, both he and JC had emailed me about this book a few weeks back, sending me links to book auctions that featured this one...but, like I said to Matt Woebot the other week, I'm notoriously slack about buying things on-line...I do sometimes, but I just love the thrill of browsing and discovering stuff in dusty back-alley shops.

I first read this book back at school back in the early 70s and was gobsmacked how relentlessly violent and sadistic it is. I've been half-heartedly looking for a copy for a few years now: cheers for getting me a 70s edition, Dom, tho' I imagine the novel's probably been out of print for yonks, like a lot of other cool shit...

I think Spinrad is a hugely underrated of my fave late 60s/early 70s SF New-Wavers. Looks like he's running a pay-to-buy thing from his website for his more recent stuff, so I may check some of his recent subscription-only has the same feel of buying ltd-edition private-pressing records...christ, he's even encouraging people to 'pirate' one of his pdf-only publications...

As soon as I clear my desk and the weather perks up I'll be out in the garden reading this one. Only just come down off a 5-novel Jack Vance binge...

Anyway, this'll go nicely w/ some of his other classics, like this:

And, of course, the legendary/notorious book he ghosted for forgotten SF-writer Adolf Hitler:

More twisted SF here.


See: I toldja.

Nice one.