Thursday, June 29, 2006


Me, over on the FACT website, on Friday nite's lickle excursion to FWD>> at The End.

Yeah, I had a totally great time, and I find I'm smiling more and more, each time I think about it. Managed to totally misplace Matt Woebot in a skunk n dry-ice fog worthy of Whitechapel in the 1880s. Later on, I also managed to misplace myself too and, eventually, sometime around 3am, I managed to misplace the entire venue.

Luckily, I made a handful of new friends, both real and imaginary, incl. the guy who DJ'd for SubFM and took pity on me ("Lost yr mate? Don't worry. Come and have a smoke w/ us if you get lonely...we're over in the corner..." (cut to: a huddle of red-eyed, feral-looking dubsteppah raggamuffins waving back thru swirling mist)), the maaad primary school teacher with the whalesong habit and the strange man known only as...The Hat Judge!

(Apologies for the crap photos, but (a) I was wrecked, (b) there was so much smoke you couldn't see beyond the end of yr nose, (c) I'm not a proper photographer, and (d) I was wrecked. How does Georgina do it....?)

(Above: Tha Mystikz rock it)

I enjoyed the whole shebang, but my highest highlights were El-B's awesome set and Hatcha's 2001 set, and Digital Mystikz (Mala & Pokes) were fucking excellent, as was the mighty Kode9 (plus Crazy D) who kept 'em rockin' and skankin' thru 'til breakfast time with some chunky gert slabs of fururistic techno-dub fusion.

I'd hoped to hook up with Burial for a quick beer, but Dubstep's Man of Mystery melted into the mist, though he sent me a lovely email a couple days later: "Hope u had a great time. I couldnt find/see u... Did u see El-B? I went a bit mental dancin to his set! I was in heaven. The other room was really good too, but El-B is the man..."

Damn it, B, I'll second that.


Yay! Loki bigs up my local.

*Snff* Ahhh. The memories sure do bring a lump to yr throat...and, also: one of my favourite AMT songs (based on Floyd's "Cirrus Minor", yeah?)

(seven inch in mauve vinyl...yum!)

My own tribute to The Butchers Arms is here.