Sunday, June 25, 2006


I'm feeling these tunes by Darkstar, particularly the slo-rollin' frozen n shimmery "Saytar" and the Zomby rmx is niiice too: languid Spaghetti Western Skank w/ a smidge of Garage style femi-nine pressuhr...

Ah, and here's Zomby's own gaff, complete w/ snippets of "Spliff Dub" and "Ganjaman Dub", and also "Memories": phantom pheminine dubdrone...(again): shimmery, silken strings and clicky, uncertain beats possessed by a ghostly, earthbound, post-Garage she-spirit...


This is the German LP I couldn't remember the name of on friday night:

I've had it for a couple months but I can never bloody remember what it's called 'cause the title ain't on the front. I'm crap like that.

This acidic nugget by Munich-based Siloah is from 1970...not Krautrock, as such...well, okay, maybe...more like a stoned teutonik communal gtr, bongos and perc. grooooove in the vein of, I dunno, the accoustic tracks on "Yeti"...a slightly folky, but totally out-there vibe...some electric bass and drum kit on some tracks. Not to everyone's taste, I know, but I dig it deeply. The wonderously named "Krishna's Golden Dope Shop" is completely fab: english lyrics sang in a heavily accented voice, then a kazoo or a weird off-key ethnik reed instrument comes in from nowhere and completely blows my mind. "Acid Eagle" is a naggingly insistent acc. gtr riff (strangely reminiscent of The Fall) that'll drill its way into yr mind like a mescale wyrm: "The Acid Eagle is spreeeeeaaaading his wiiiingss," sings vocalist Thom (or is it Tiny?), and I have no reason to doubt him whatsoever.

An original of this'll set ya back about 8 million quid, 'cause some geekbook somewhere says that's what it's worth...but this vinyl re-isssh is on a label called Amber Soundroom and shouldn't burn too big a hole in yr pocket. Scored my copy from the states, but maybe Dave Keenan or someone closer to home has got one stashed away if you ask them nicely or use the right secret password.

This is mellow shit, kids, tho' occasionally it loses its way completely (but in a good way), so treat it w/ respect and take it in small doses.

Non:Hippies need not apply.


Nice to see Mr. Siverdollar getting the Not Not Fun bug. They are, indeed, a splendid label: plenty of whacked-out fun for the whole (Davenport) family.

See, you can listen to this stuff and Burial at the same time.