Sunday, June 11, 2006


"The drug which gives the clown power/Means the circus can never be stopped/And his dream can go on unhindered/’til the last human being has dropped."

Mickey Dolenz in "Circus Boy".


From the outside, it looks like just an ordinary-looking red carry-box, possibly holding some 12" singles:

Ah, but no. Let's have a look inside, shall we? My assistant, the lovely Kid KId Shirt, will open it for you and, soon, all will be revealed ("Can you see what it is yet?"):

Ohmigawd, its the Stylophone 350S:

This is the fucking daddy: Two pens....yep, two pens...(The family that resonates together...)

It's got built-in Wah-Wah....decay, vibrato and, uh, woodwind sounds.....there's a light-sensitive photo-control, a foot-pedal (which I ain't got) and you can put external sound-sources thru it. Verily, forsooth, this is the Keith Emerson of Stylophones. Full technical spec here.

I have a lampshade not dissimilar to that one in my 1973 pocket universe. Loving the wallpaper, though.

Variations on a theme, here:

For some reason, there's a dif. woman in picture #2 and one of the guys has changed his pullover. I suspect this might be some sort of seventies suburban synth swingers club (they all put their car-keys on top of a Roland Saturn-09...)

DubReq...what a cool name for a company, though I seem to remember it was pronounced "Doo-Brekk".

Okay, gotta go: I'm running off to join the circus.