Saturday, June 10, 2006


Because you demanded it, True believer!

Just raided the some more Stylophone-related goodies'll be coming yr way soon, including something that might just blow yr mind...but it's Chris' b/day tomorrow so we're off up the pub, via the Raj Poot Indian Restaurant. So I'll post 'em tomorrow.

(Hmmm. Is that Mick Ronson standing just behind Rolf, in what looks like a set left over from A Clockwork Orange....?)

Actually, Raj Poot isn't spelled like that, but I thought it sounded a bit more, I dunno, Frank Zappa.


The new ish of FACT magazine has just hit the streets, chocful of all sortza inneresting music-related stuff, not least of which is a piece by yrs truly on the rise of Dubstep (complete w/ side-bars, for I am The Side-Bar King. Yep, gotta keep them runnin' jokes runnin'...):

Big up Mala and Skream for graciously giving up their free time to talk to me...I looove Dubstep and love writing about it, but these guys were sooo helpful and made the process a real pleasure. Respekt!

Meanwhile, have a few drinks and play spot the blogger w/ yr hip friends and a copy of the lastest FACT, wh/ features pieces by K-Punk, SilverDollar and Kode9, and a 20 Greatest Rockabilly Records article by Andy Weatherall.

For me, though, it's a total fucking honour to have something published in a magazine that sports a cover by Peter Saville...someone who, along with Linder, Malcolm Garrett, Neville Brody and Jon Wozencroft, helped shape my sensibilities as much as the records, tapes and videos they somehow transmuted into magical, fetishistic objects of desire.

Linder's suburban DIY cut n paste aesthetic lead me back to Heartfield, Hausmann, Photomontage and (fucking hell!) Dada...while Saville and Garrett pointed me forward-backwards towards Modernism, Bauhaus, etc...

It's a pretty monstrous debt I owe them, just because of a few 'Punk' and 'Pop' records.