Friday, June 02, 2006


...And since this is, what, a mere 3-4 miles from our house it would be rude not to go:

I mean, fuck, we could walk there...the usual hippy bollocks playing, but, fucking hell, The Incredible String Band playing 3 miles from my house.



Okay: Nexxxxt!

Gutted that I can’t make the Venn Festival in Bristol tomorrow (sat) due to child-care commitments, wh/ means I’ll miss both Ariel Pink and Kode9. *Gaaaaaack* Have to content myself w/ reading Gutta’s and Cloudboy’s reports…

Actually, though, I’m seriously thinking about checking Ariel Pink’s London show…if I can get anyone interested in going (and, uh, putting me up for the nite) …Dom? Lurch? Skipper?...Ahhhh, well…it was worth a try….

Vashti Bunyan’s playing the Friday night opening show at Venn and I was v. tempted to go (but I’ve left it too late now), but I fancied something, I dunno, a bit noisier right now…I’m in the mood for letting off some serious fuckin' steam.

Cabiiiiiiiiin Feaavaaaaaah!!!!!


Jeeez, been sooooo busy the last coupla weeks (still am, actually), but I’m just guh-guh-gagging to post about music again. So, let’s start off nice and gentle, like…slowly build up to a full-sized onslaught. Or something.

First up: Bristol’s own Dubstep don Pinch tells me he’s “got a hard-steppin’ 4/4 dub remix of a track called 'Answer' to be released on 2 Kings (Bristol dub label run by Andy Scholes of Henry & Louis) sometime soon…

“then a follow up single on Planet Mu featuring a track called 'Punisher' (backed by another 'VIP' style remix). That should land around September time I think.”

“Other plans - we're moving (legendary Bristol Dubstep session) Dubloaded from The Croft to Native, as of July 14th.”

Now, if, like me you live in a one-horse town in the back-end of b/yond, but you’ve no idea who Pinch is, then go check out the tunes on the MySpace site for his Tectonic label or his wondrous, still-available, Sufi-infused single “Qawwali”, which dropped, like aeons ago. G’wan, treat yrself; there's no excuse, really.


Scarily-accurate post-psychedelic sock-puppet re-enactment of an Edgar Broughton Band gig at the Newcastle Mayfair on April 30th, 1970.