Sunday, May 28, 2006


But on a lighter note: this looks interesting.


My good friend Circle Brophy (currently resident in Java w/ his wife Rehane) just emailed:

"Hi KS - jest a quikkk to tell ya we safe... we live right where thee action was... lost our kitchen, but we fine... more soon."

Phew! Glad yr both okay, man...

Haven't watched/read the news in days, so I was gobsmacked to read this on a newsfeed:

"A desperate search for survivors is continuing today after a massive earthquake hit the Indonesian island of Java, killing more than 4,300 people. Exhausted and grieving survivors are digging through their crumpled homes for clothes, food and valuables after the earthquake, measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale, struck early on Saturday morning in the densely populated island.

At least 4,332 people were killed in the quake, according to command post officials from the affected areas and local government official Idham Samawi. The social ministry said around 4,600 died, but numbers in one of the hardest hit districts were disputed..."


More here on the Beeb.


More! Kim! Fowley! Mania!


Our neighbour is currently out in his garden singing an off-key A Capella version of "I Love Rock n Roll" complete w/ phonetic guitar Durrrrannng noises. Sadly, not a foxy leather n studs-clad rock-chick, but a bald, overweight 40-something who works in the bank. Nice guy and everything, but not a patch on Joannie J (or even The Arrows).

Or, as me and me mates used to say: Joan Jett and the black-heads.

Still, always had a soft spot for The Runaways' Kim Fowley-penned suburban FM-Rock meets LA Punk classik "Cherry Bomb" ("Hello, daddy/hello mom/I'm your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch cherry bomb!"), but did you realise that Joan once covered the theme-tune of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. No, you did not. So, put that in yr pipe and smoke it, trivia-fans.

Nice painting! Or is it just a Photo-shop plug-in filter jobby, lifted from this:

Nice to see that time hasn't mellowed Fowley and the great man is still up to his old tricks, this time with Norwegian gurl-band Furia:

"Superlove Vibrations", indeed!