Wednesday, May 24, 2006


...and this looks pretty insane too:

An internet review reads: "Flesh fuses with cannabis to create the most potent pot man has ever known in this tale of a southern ganja plantation with a deadly secret. For smokers of the herb, Meatweed Manor is a heaven on earth. A remote paradise where farmers utilize human flesh to produce pot that makes Acapulco Gold look like Ohio Brown...forget about the munchies, because the maryjane grown at Meatwood Manor sends any woman who smokes it into a sex-fueled frenzy known to the locals as 'MeatWeed Madness.'"

Written/directed by Aiden Dillard, and featuring a purple papier-mache cow, this little gem has been picked up and released by those wunderful folks at Troma. Apparently, Aiden financed this by delivering pizza and working as a dishwasher. Good for him! Well worth a check: kinda Cheech & Chong meets early Peter Jackson, I guess...