Sunday, May 21, 2006


Another mind-blowin' batch of CD-rs available from Michael Donnelly & the ever-lovin' MusicYourMindWillLoveyou collective from Australia (start doing a paper-round and save up yer pennies an' score sum o'these)...descriptions courtesy of Mike D:

mymwly0024 Blonde Cobra - "The Gold in the Gutter"
(art guitar rock noise from sunny queensland)

mymwly0042 v/a - "Sound Surrounds us" vol. 4
(the 4th volume in the series , featuring long form tracks by Keijo and the free players, Snowfoxx , Dinmuck#f and Robert Horton)

mymwly0043 Heavy Winged/Taiga Remains split cdr
(Shared release between New York's pummel psych masters Heavywinged and the midwestern dronescapes of Taiga Remains. Sounds for both heads.)

mymwly0044 Akhet - "Tehka"
(free folk / outsider scribble collaboration of Brad Rose , Eden Hemming Rose and Michael Dung. 4 meandering tracks of disjointed, naïve sacred music as if we never left the caves)

mymwly0045 Dinmuck # f - "Metamorphin" 3"cdr
(is like..mainline chaos rush...the drivin rythmic high....then post orgasmic psych winddown: "the meta-phor of metamorphin is...the mainline chaos rush..kicks into a drivin rythmic all falls apart into the post-partum psychedelic freefall... of neurons blissing out....changed forever...metamorphised")

mymwly0046 V/a - "Sound Surrounds us" Vol. 5 cdr
(number 5 is alive!! Tracks from Little Head Big Body , Ray Off , No Guru and Biffplex"

mymwly0047 6majik9 - "The Ice Dragon that ate Bolivia" cdr
(the latest offering of psych/sludge from the only real band in the universe. At times space travel, air decorations, or pleading sufferance.)

mymwly0048 Sunshine has Blown - s/t cdr
(gorgeous solar aquatic noise scapes from this Joel Stern led ensemble)


Xanticatl, the Aztec God of Dead Gimps (pictured here at home):

Offerings should be made on a tuesday (the work-shy's Day of the Dead) in the form of burnt bread, rum and coke, 70s porn magazines, collages & homemade Art Brut, etc.