Friday, May 12, 2006


Just for Cloud Boy: The Official Action Man theme (you may have to root about a bit to find the mp3s as the link goes back to the previous frameset, but it's worth it):

The gunfire and explosions were on the B-Side (further down on the mp3 page). Think of it as a sort of wacked-out dub-mix...the main-theme begins, then decays away like a track by Burial, but instead of dissolving into an echo-y London Underground station, assorted WW2 ordnance opens up: my favourite bit is when they call in a missile attack, followed by the rumbling of tanks...

(For the benefit of our American friends, Action man was an anglised version of G.I. Joe, who flourished in the UK between the mid-60s and the mid-80s, so is probably culturally embedded in the twisted group-mind-set of many Brit bloggers...)

I think Wilf 'sampled' this for one of his Hind-D tracks, and the Crucial Four may have dabbled, also.