Sunday, May 07, 2006


IDIOT MUSIC: More hyperactive idiot glee from the Ultra Eczema brigade that pitches its tent somewhere btwn, oh, I dunno, early Residents and Etron Fou Lelouban: Plenny of live-drum-kit art-rock action combined w/ detuned circus-freak synths, vari-speed (French?) vinyl-sourced vocals and jagged, out-of-breath musical car-crash arrangements. Like early Blurt time-squirted via a quantal-tube back to the mid-70s, then crate-dug out by Kid Koala in 2001. Either A.D.D. or too much coffee, you fuckers!

Felix Kubin lives in hamburg, is/was a member of Klangkrieg and has a background in fucked-up electro-accoustic music blahblahblah. Lovely to think that there're still bonkers 7" EPs being made like this that give me the same mucky/murky subhuman pop shiver as hearing the "Duck Stab" 33rpm fer the first time.