Saturday, May 06, 2006


From Dark Garage to a different kind of Dark Funk...from Antwerp-based electronic muso-prankster Bobby Colombo (who, if the disinfo press-release apocrypha is to believed, stays at home and only listens to Kraftwerk and David Bowie):

Anyway, this 7" is totally great. It borrows some orchestral shit from Bela Bartok and wears its K/werk chord-progressions w/ its heart on its sleev and its tongue in its cheek, but ends up sounding like a Georgio Moroder (one-man) pub tribute band. Tinny, 4-track mid-80s production values, pumping octave-bass synth-line, a 5-quid drum-box and a string-maschine so treble-y that only cats can hear it conspire to create a strangely-haunting/oddly-effecting synth-funk mini-meisterpiece which sounds like the theme to a Zanussi advert that was taped off the telly in '86 and then copied off an old VHS that's been mouldering in the attic ever since. The b-side is a mini/mal Munich Machine instrumental; an out-take from the "Midnight Express" soundtrack that was abandoned 'cause the keyboards kept going out of tune. Fab.

More grisly details here. (Keep clicking: it's one of those ever-changing photo-pages...)

Available from the usual suspects, or those lovely, lovely people at Ultra Eczema.


Another thing that I sort of unconsciously collect are old school children's small-format 'fact' books. Picked up this 1969 I-Spy book yesterday for a few pence in a charity shop (nice olive green on the cover):

(Heh. I particularly like those key-shaped coins on the, but wouldn't it be great if coins actually were minted in more interesting shapes (that stuck into your leg when you were walking), or if they did have random words like 'SPY' written on them. What about different coloured coins, eh? How little imagination we apply to the design of money. Jazz 'em up a bit, I say...)

Actually, this is a lot more interesting than it looks...for instance, I never realised that a previous attempt had been made to decimalise sterling back in 1849 w/ florins and 5-farthing pieces. There's also stuff about the artists initials on pre-decimal English coins, and I'd totally forgotten that there was once a Half New Pence piece wh/ was eventually phased out (in the 80s?)...Wow, Kek, get a fucking life, man. No, really, I love all these arcane facts...I love the fact that things were once different to how they are now.

This came out b/fore decimalisation in 1971...but I love the way they've under-lit these new 50p pieces on the back cover so that they look reet spooky...

A fear of money...s-sinister money...