Thursday, April 27, 2006


A while back I posted a link to a blog that featured some hand-knitted zombies made from wool...

Well, Hannah, who knitted the zombies, is up to her old tricks again. There is a Flickr slide-show here of another set of woollen zoms. But, jumping Jezus, I really think she has surpassed herself w/ this, a knitted Tom Savini figure.


Back from another session of hardkore dentistry in Poole this afternoon. My hectic international jet-set life-style (and a pushy PA/PR assistant nagging me to do phone-interviews to promote my forthcoming Avant-Gothik Western "Sargasso" and my children's book "Kill Neil Gaiman", er, sorry...I, uh, mean "Billy the Bean" (the story of a wayward magical haricot)) meant that I only had a few minutes spare for shopping, but luckily I somehow managed to score a stash of Corgi edition Sven Hassel novels to read in the limo on the way home:

Also grabbed a couple of 70's Lin Carter-edited anthologies of forgotten Edwardian/1920s fantasy writers. Yum!