Tuesday, April 25, 2006


'pologies about the recent slow-down of posts...I'm busy w/ some bits o'commissioned work that I need to get out the door in the next few days.

Also, in training for a cardboard Mecha/Manga battle-suit competition in Chilthorne Domer on b/holiday monday...a bunch ov us are going to beat the shit out of each other in the village square while dressed as Japanese giant-robots. We've built a to-scale model of Tokyo out of some old egg-boxes. I'm going as Nekronaut Battle-Boy 116: green/silver enamel-paint job on some old Daz boxes (invoking the animus of Little Frank here) that I pinched from Asda...copied some Jap writing off an Asian hellcat-chick-fight porn-site and stuck some flashing LEDs & psychedelic decals on 'em. By twisting the 'head' box I transform into a Vauxhall Vectra and go airborne. My nemesis is Metalman Black Gomi, some white trash caravan-dwelling motherfuck from Nether Compton who gave me some attitude in the pub over chrismas. The girls are dressing up Hellion Trio Wasp-Brigade (obscure insect-themed Jap robo-team from mid-80s) to cheer me on...

This is all because they've cancelled yeovil Carnival this year.


Crikey: V/VM on Mary-Ann Hobbs show, Radio friggin' 1, last night...glad my licence-fee is being put to good use. A-a-a-and I was blinkin'-well up last night too; wish I'd listened to it 'live' was a bloody excellent line-up: Benga, Pinch, Drop the Lime, Vex'd ("3rd Choice" - Yay! That's the gothic one I like!), Wiley, AFX vs DJ Pierre, Boxcutter, etc amongst others. I just never think of actually, you know, listening to the radio...

What a bizarre concept. Thank God for internet radio archives.