Saturday, April 01, 2006


Solo CDr of luminous (mostly instrumental) electric Blues from James Toth aka Wooden Wand...sure didn't expect this, tho' maybe I shoulda, after the b/ful deep-fried Southern Gothic Post-Dylanisms of his recent 'proper' solo LP (well, hell, it's on vinyl...) "Harem of the Sundrum & the Witness Figg"...(Brief aside: if'n you ain't got it, then you should: "...Sundrum..." is chocful of stoner-alt.gospel nuggets like "Leave Your Perch..." wh/ manages to (accidentally?) reference both "Bringing out the Sheaves" and Bolan's "Stacy grove"...or "Perch Modifier" w/ it's fabulous opening line of "Go Give 'em Hell/Or Don't go Give 'em Hell...")

...but, yeah, anyway... this CDr is deep, deep meditational stuff; a journey into the green n purple interior of yr soul. Nicely recorded; easily merits a vinyl, but, y'know, the logistics and cost, etc prob. don't...

Track One ("The Zoo") is a hypnotic floppy-boot mantra...a funky wah-wah wig-out w/ a slight touch of the Van Vliets. Clocking in at around 12 minutes and it ain't a single damn second too long. The guitars wander across each other, in and out of synch, marching round the garden in a rusty, half-ass'd formation, pointing out the blossoming bulbs and the buds on the bushes and blowing a harmonica w/ frosty early Spring breath. Some muffled vocals kick in at around 6 minutes, sounding like they either need redemption or a quart of orange juice. They've been up all night having too much of a good thing and their nerves ain't quite what they should be.

Track two ("Cold DJin") is languid, almost jazzy, w/ some slo walking-bass and minimal hi-hat action to help it trot the pony round the pond...niiiice gtr-tone: kinda reminds me of Pat Metheny (huh?), no; I didn't say that! Gentle, creamy gtr overdubs pile up on top of each other, shifting and realligning themslvs in/2 new permutations: imagine one of Eno's ah-ah-ambient installation-compositions for multiple tape/CD-players where the different components constantly move in and out of time w/ each other, but imagine, instead, this being done w/ The Blues...yea! Post-Millennial Space-Blues, fer sure...

Track Three ("Messin' Up pt 2") is shorter: a raggedly-loud distorto-gtr sounds out the intro to a track onna 1971 Deep Purple Bootleg, but it never actually gets to the part where the drums and the singing start, see? It's Blackmore at the edge of the stage playing thru a ring-modulator just to piss off the rest of the group. A lot of you are wonderin' what the point of all this stuff critics are saying this kind of music is indulgent, amateur and unambitious (obv, I don't agree...but it is an acquired taste, these insular soulful deconstructions...), but I am soooo getting this stuff right now, tho' I'm not really sure why. It feels so right on an instinctual, gut-level level...

I admit it: I was wrong...Deep Purple fucking Rock, and majorly so, but it took me 30 years to get there. I'm so sorry; I feel I've let you people down. I bought a copy of "Machine Head" for a fiver in Poole a couple months ago, but it was truly fucked, scratched to hell, so I had to charity-shop it. Always liked Sabbaff, but not I'm starting to scratch that particular itch.

Anyway, cool CDr from James...there's a mp3 over here maybe, I think (I'm told that some of you young 'uns like that sort of thing.) Check it out, by all means, but then buy the fucker: mp3s should be a taster, not the main course.

Hulk Like!


Heartwarming to see that my call to arms against US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (below) has not gone unheard. During her visit to a school in Blackburn a group of schoolkids were heard chanting "Hey, hey, Condi Rice! How many children did you kill today!?"

That's the spirit...boy, those sure brings a lump to the throat. Albion Awake!

Apparently, various artists, singers, musicians have pulled out of performances scheduled for her during her visit to the North of the UK. So, c'mon, you Brits...rally round and send this evil little chipmunk back to whatever hollowed-out log she crawled out of...


"Later that night/He drop on by/Told her all he wanna do/Was step up and say "Hi"...


Half an hour later/She had frenched his fry/Adva-a-a-a-annnce roma-a-a-annnce/Bobby, say "good-bye"..."