Monday, March 27, 2006


Aw, fer fucksake. Gutted to find out that Swell Maps & Jacobites member Nikki Sudden has just died.


Some info here.

Swell Maps still blow my mind on a regular basis: born between musical generations, they straddled Pre- and Post-Punk...provided a linkage btwn Glam, Art-Rock, Free-Noise and, er, Keef Richards...probably my favourite 'Punk' band of all time, I gotta say....monstrously & unforgivably underrated, and also a major influence, unconscious or otherwise, on a whole raft of 'Free' groups (Thurston Moore, c'mon down). I can remember like it was yesterday: bringing home a spanking brand new copy of "A Trip to Marineville" and playing it 'til the needle wore out. I said this only a few days ago, but I'll say it again: if Swell Maps hadn't been British they would probably be accorded the sort of reverence given to the likes of Can...oh, and check out "Robespierre's Velvet Basement"...a lovely, lovely mid-80s LP by Nikki and Dave Kusworth under the name Jacobites. Beautifully damaged Garage-Pop-Rock...

Strangely, Nikki had posted a couple of days ago about the death of his brother and fellow 'Maps member Epic Soundtracks on the anniversary of Epic's birthday. His mate Alan Merrill (ex of The Arrows ("I Love Rock 'n' Roll", as covered by Joan Jett)) had this to say:

"You should all know this: Nikki's last show was great, and he was really happy on his last night in this life. We really rocked on stage, the crowd loved it and he was beaming and having terrific fun. He passed away literally only a few hours after we played a show at the Knitting Factory in NYC. I like to think he went to sleep, and that he most likely slipped into the next life with a smile on his face after doing such an amazing show."