Sunday, March 26, 2006


Face Front, True believers! Because Our Readers Demanded It:

Le Garage Hermetique De Jerry Cornelius (aka Major Fatal aka "The Airtight Garage"): a nice hardbound copy collecting the individual episodes from "Metal Hurlant" in the 70s (plus a coupla one-offs featuring his character Major Grubert) the way his style fluctuates between monthly old mate Sandra was living in France, so scored this copy for me in 1980 as a present, Gawd Bless 'er. Do I have the originals? Yeah, 'course I do (or most of 'em)...'cause I was a sad French Comic-reading little git, even back in the seventies. When I lived in Bristol I used to curl up on the chair w/ a cuppa tea, a pocket French dictionary and the latest ish of "MH"...cover scans to follow, at some point...

Long boring story about how the use of the name "Jerry Cornelius" was withdrawn by Moorcock which I won't go into here, but you can look it up on Google if yr so inclined. If Kirby was The King of Komics, then Moebius (aka Jean Giraud) was The Don...the Count of Clear-Line Drawing: fluid, loose-limbed and druggy, when he wanted to be...but also capable of astonishingly dense draughtmanship, of swirling, ornate, nouveau Art Nouveau stylings; lush opiated landscapes...sheer poetry in motion. And did I have an Arzach poster on my wall: 'course I fuckin' did!

And he drew Westerns too. "Blueberry" is an on-going multi-volume Magnus Opus that he draws under the pen-name Gir, using a denser, inkier style, reminiscent of 50s US newspaper strips. It's fucking beautiful.

During the 80s and 90s he stripped-down his technique and his figures became increasingly lean and linear-looking,as he developed a Minimalist artistic shorthand that was almost a parody of his earlier, more florid style. His strips became visually obsessed with crystaline objects and egg-shaped structures, but pretty much everything he drew in the Seventies is an essential stoner read.

This 1978 hardback edition of "Les Yeux Du Chat", a collaboration w/ film-maker/writer Alejandro Jodorowsky ("El Topo", "The Holy Mountain", etc), is a personal favourite and, arguably, may well represent the high water-mark of a unique and astonishing talent.