Friday, March 24, 2006


...and many thanks to Rae & Spike for this:

As you can imagine, it comes in extremely useful during my various extra-curricular recreational pursuits. We tested it out in the kitchen on my b/day, but it wasn't until I out-sourced it to the pocket-universe known as 1973 (Le Garage Hermetique de Jerry Cornelius) that it really came into it's own. Used in tandem w/ Dolphin Lamp v 2.0 and the Electrical Crucifixion Tableau that I rescued from a Russian Orthodox Church in Brstol a few years ago, it can induce a state of Zen Satori w/in 3.6 seconds. Faster if narcotics are involved.

Obviously, it's perfect for traditional 70's dance-floor fare, as well as more contemporary examples such Madonna's "Hung Up"...buuuut, it also works beautifully w/ more, shall we say, pyschedelic material...I'm particularly enjoying it in tandem w/ the deluxe 4-LP vinyl box-set of Acid Mother Temple's "Univers Zen ou de Zero a Zero": the lights seem to work equally well w/ the more mellow accoustic stuff, as well as the Acid-Rock freak-outs. The easy-access switch means I can cut the lights in perfectly (and w/ no fuss) on Duul's "Apocalyptic Bore" just as the lyrics hit the line "...Alwaaaaaays our minds were locked! Yeaaaaaah!" and kick back to play some flailing air-guitar as John Weinzierl's synapse-shredding gtr-solo kicks in.

Ah, this is the life.

Gutterbreakz will probably be horrified to hear that the disco-lites also get a good caning on the stonkin' gert Vex'd rmx of Toasty's "The Knowledge". You wouldn't think so, but somehow it just seems to work. You'd think that Dub-step would be better suited to lighting-fx that're a bit more, er, dystopian, wouldn't you? To be honest, it's a bit bloody expensive getting a row of malfunctioning sodium street-lites put in the garage, plus a faux massage-parlour frontage (my favourite's the one on Stokes Croft...) complete w/ fiztzing red neon-sign, and some dry-ice that smells of sewage, just so I can play the new Skream twelve.

The next purchase for 1973 will probably be, no shit, an oil-drop projector.

Thanks for the light, guys. And also the bags of parsnips; we made a really great soup with them.