Saturday, March 18, 2006


Scored this for 60p at an otherwise crap book-fair in Sherbore today:

All the usual late 60s/early 70s New Worlds suspects on board: Aldiss, Ballard, Butterworth, Disch, Sladek, MM, I prob. got a chunk of these stories in other anthologies, but what the hell; I just loooove the cover.

The New SF: fuck,'s what it says on the label.

I even love the font they used for "SF". Any font-spotters out there know what it is? I'm gonna have that font on my tombstone (which'll be dark mauve w/ overlapping concentric white circles...)

For anybody interested, Langdon Jones' site is over here.

Also had some reasonably-priced Boys-Own type 1950's hardbacks on display, but none of them really floated me boat. One of the bookshops over in SnoreBore had the new Moorcock h/b, but it was 17 quid and I'm not exactly short of reading material, so maybe I'll hold out for a nice paperback edition. Bought some v. old reduced oil-bars in the art-shop, though ...been looking for some fer ages. Think I lost my stash in the house-move 3 years back. No one seems to stock 'em any more, as they're not a fashionable art tool any more...too brutally Prole, too messy for the middle-classes...give 'em all a water-colour enema, I say.


This, courtesy of Mr. Flint:

No idea who the artist is, but it's got a trippy, flash-fired sensibility about it that I totally dig. Should've been in the latest issue of Blab!