Tuesday, March 14, 2006

BLAB #16!

But, hey...don't cry, little one, there's a new issue of Blab! out:

Blab is an essential read if'n you dig butt-ugly Post-Expressionist Neo-Art Brut Comix and 'design' stuff like, I dunno, Gary Panter ...or, uh, Art Spiegelman & Fran├žoise Mouly's essential Eighties Anthology "Raw".

Full of whatever's the opposite of Eye-Candy...


Farmer Glitch phoned earlier, reminding me that The Fall are playing Bristol next monday evening (20th) at the (ptui!) Carling Academy. Hopefully, some o'you Bristol bloggers might be in attendence, along w/ a smattering of and Tha Glitch are def. in the area, along w/ legendary Internet Nihilist Mr. Lea. Wonder what he'll set on fire, this time? Me, probably.

Rumours of band-member disgruntlement, instrument-throwing & petulent stage strops are currently doing the rounds, so is this incarnation of The Fall headed for the knacker's yard, I wonder? Didn't rate the last LP much, but this should make for an interesting show...

Also, fabulous Finnish rockers Circle are back in the UK, playing The Thekla, Bristol on July 16th. Yeah, I know it's a long way off, but I need to polish up my gimp-harness. I'll be reminding y'all again a bit nearer the time.



Say it's not true. Maybe he's just faked his own death...and he'll become a Darkman-esque figure stalking the shadowy edges of Blog City...