Sunday, February 19, 2006


....And this just in from the Death Chants camp:

"Hope everyone is well, this being our first mass anouncement we'd like to welcome everyone aboard; thanks for diggin what we do...

just wanted to inform everybody that Death Chants will be playing a live radio broadcast this sunday 19/2 on wmuc Univ. of Maryland "Third Rail Radio" program....(!)...those of you in the area are cordially invited to come on down and get lifted live in person, plus Rafi will give ya some new tapes. For the rest of you in places far + wide you can listen on the web at We are scheduled to play at 6pm est and it's broadcast live online so you can tune in from yr station; not sure if it'll be available there afterwards, but it is possible...

Anyone interested in coming, the address is:

University of Maryland
3130 S Campus Dining Hall
College Park, MD 20742-8431

As for the rest of you, we hope to feel yr celestial prescence wafting in the air...much love til soon...


Those of you unable to make the gig or who saw this too late to listen can always console themselves w/ this beautiful artifact:

Fractured, detuned strum-a-longs featuring heartbroken violas & addled flutes, controlled microphone feedback and quasi-random tape & echo interventions....low-key electronics warble, trill and flutter like imaginary kartoon animals...

"Possessed by Silver Blood" has a strange compelling beauty: languidly propulsive, it rolls carefully forwards on soapbox-cart wheels while an electric guitar picks out a series of psychik portraits, drawing lost and lonely faces in delicate neon pastels...

"Shapeshifter" buzzes and clangs gently: a varispeed echobox reconfiguring the track from a hazy mystic summoning into an old carpet that flaps slowly in the breeze...

"Beyond the Flowery Grave" is a microcomposition for tape-hiss and epileptic guitar pick.

"Doppleganger" picks its way through the rubble of a collapsed crimson city, chugging thru the pitted streets on a rattling, steam-driven contraption, sounding like the soundtrack of an unwritten Moorcock novella, or maybe a lost, low-budget Krautrock nugget recorded during a powercut, with Jaki Lieberzeit barely able to find his glockenspiel in the inky blackness, while klaus Schultze trips over effects pedals. Half way thru the track a dog suddenly barks.


Death Chants ah-ah-are:

rafi - loops, acoustic guitar, percussive objects
paul - modular systems, tapes, viola, regurgitations
mikul - toy guitar, synth, vocals
alison - flute, electric guitar, vocals


I've never been sent a photo of labial monoliths for my b/day before. So thanks to the mighty Lurch for this (part of his ongoing Mutant Porn Series, apparently):

And a big thanks to everyone who came over and helped me get hopelessly pissed last night!