Sunday, January 15, 2006


The bi/tri-annual Record Fayre rolled into Yeovil yesterday, and I winded up buying this double-vinyl AMT LP, mainly because, er, I was actually at the gig:

Slightly muffled sound here, but what the fuck...that second track is every bit as fantastic as I remember. The packaging is laid-out in a mock 70's bootleg stylee, with the artwork pasted onto a white cardboard cover (ah, the memories...) and the record pressed on some outrageous marbled coloured-vinyl. Lovely.

There's some hysterical hollerin' & whoopin' on side one that I'm proud to say sounds very suspiciously like me. All in all, the 70's retro-vibe packaging is sooo spot on that I half expect audience members to start shouting "Waaaaally!", "Naaaaff off!" or, uh, "Oioiioioyoiyoi!" The lo-fi design/typography on the cover beautifully complements the "The Day Before the Sky Fell in America" Live in Chicago 10/09/2001 vinyl wh/ came complete w/ a fake rip and scotch-tape repair. Nice to hear the handful of tracks I missed when I was getting wrecked backstage w/ Craig from Shit and Shine and Zappa-lookalike flautist Glyn Collins (who's credited on the sleeve). Phew...strangely relieved that I am now in possession of some convincing physical evidence that seems to actually prove that I didn't imagine the whole damn thing.

Now, I'd just like a boot of the frankly mental set played by Shit and Shine that night, and the packaging from the family-size box of cocktail sausages that were consumed by me and Dom.

(Weird Post-Script: Ended up talking to Simon from Newport who puts on the Record Fayre...mucho reminiscing about the gigs he used to promote in Newport in the mid-eighties, a handful of which I went to including The Butthole Surfers, Husker Du, Swans, etc...some brilliant anecdotes about what a wanker Michael Gira was. Ditto: Pop Will Eat Itself, but in plural...Simon, totally unprompted by me, starts asking after Skipper Webb and his much-missed band Dadi Janki (Mark, if you're reading this; fucking get in touch, man) who supported The Buttholes and were, coincidentally, also referred to in this post too. Holy Synchronicity, Batman! Simon clearly and fondly remembered the bacofoil baby-bib, bonnet and leggings that Skipper and I fabricated after a visit to an Asian corner shop and which Mark wore on stage, much to the bemusement of all present. Mark, Simon sends his regards and says Hi.

It seems that Simon, like us, was also present at the Clarenden Hotel gig (in '86?) where he also suffered a Buttholes-related injury: he smashed his knee really badly when he had to evacuate the stage rapidly after he and a mate were attacked by rabid bouncers (his mate was chucked down a flight of stairs)...whereas I fell off a table that I was drunkenly dancing on at The Newport Centre and fucked my back...Simon also revealed that it was his daughter that Gibby Haynes sang "The Theme from Top Cat" to during the Newport sound-check. I'd always assumed it was one of Gibby's cool's that, having Gibby serenade one of yr children.)


Kid Kid Shirt, after Bill Burroughs...