Friday, January 13, 2006


Ah, shit...totally forgot to mention that genius singer/songer Pop Parker is playing The Cube, Bristol, tonight.

Sorry, Pop. Good luck....


Wow. Totally buzzing right now...

Just got off the phone from talking to Maurice Engelen, aka Praga Khan, one of the pioneers of Belgian New Beat. Top bloke, a total pleasure to talk to.

Then, a weird New Beat synchronicity storm strikes: I find that V/VM has named today's entry in his monumental V/VM 365 project "Maurice Engelen".

Spooky. Well, it is friday 13th.

Doesn't end there. Talking to CyRus Da VyRus today about New Beat and he tells me he's just rescued some old records from his attic. I ask him if he's got anything he's willing to sell, but he says one of the LPs has got a fantastic track by Ghentlon on it, and he doesn't want to be parted with it. Meanwhile, I get home to find that V/VM has just emailed me, telling me to check out the Ghentlon tribute track he's posted on his site.

I mentioned these spooky coincidences to Chris, and she told me to get a fucking life.

Maybe she's got a point. Perhaps, I'm just too damn excitable...

Maybe I should take up knitting or something.