Thursday, December 07, 2006

FACT: 17

The latest ish of FACT, a best of the year special, hits the streets...

...with various bits n pieces onboard by me, incl. pieces on the mighty Digital Mystikz, Joanna Newsom (dang, but we triiiied so hard to get an interview) and Burial. The Newsom piece is reprinted on-line here, but I do recommend you pick up a copy of the ink edition as FACT really is a consistantly excellent read and features some top-notch contributors, incl. some of my blogging colleagues. When I hooked up w/ Woebot, back in the summer, we both agreed it was one of our favourite reads. Worth checking for the Top 20 Greatest Krautrock Records article, tho' I would happily dispute/debate a number of the inclusions/exclusions over a few drinks, but s'just personal choice in the end, innit.


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